The First Building Is Ready To Go Through Real Estate Digitalization

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Harry White is the building owner of the hamilton project pictured above worth over $8,000,000, and he is ready to support the creation of and be the first one on the real estate digitalized platform. Take a look at this beautiful building – at 434 King Street West, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada  – and you will see and understand that a new paradigm shift is in the process of occurring in the Canadian real estate market.

When Les Barber, VP of Business Development at Core State Holdings, Corp., first talked to the owner of the building about creating the platform, Harry was pleasantly surprised about the possibilities of working with the platform.

What are some of the benefits?

The digitalization of the real estate market allows the industry to become more transparent, allows owners – such as Harry – to sell their properties quicker, and overall optimizes the whole process. It was great to hear that Harry was interested in participating in the creation of PTPEstate.

“The concept of PTPEstate differs from the entire real estate tokenization process in that it is more stable in maintaining the value of the property, and as well as cheaper and more transparent for all possible participating parties. It is especially important that people, who bought parts of the property, may receive rental income, and all participants in the real estate market won’t lose their jobs but will only receive a new opportunity to earn money”.

One of the questions owners, builders, and developers may ask is; “I don’t want to sell my property completely, I want to manage the building to receive the maximum amount of profit from my business activities”. PTPEstate will give you the opportunity to sell portions of the property of the building and use the proceeds to expand business-related activities. All those who purchase portions of the property may have the ability to receive an ongoing income from the Property Management Company (partnered with the Property Owner). An independent Appraisal Company will be evaluating the property every quarter; the report of which will be uploaded into PTPEstate – leading to an increase or decrease in the value of the property.

After signing the Memorandum of Understanding with Harry, we can say with confidence that the first building in Hamilton, Ontario will exist within the platform!

Anyone can take part in our project

The company invites all real estate property Builders/Owners/Developers to participate in the creation of the platform and to digitalize their real estate! This will give them the opportunity to participate in our business and expand the real estate digitalization process!

Core State Holdings Corp., the parent company of PTPWallet and PTPEstate, welcomes inquiries and investors to participate with us

Contact, Les Barber, VP of Business Development, Phone 905-447-4051, Email [email protected]