A new, unique, User-Friendly 
Real Estate Platform

Our Mission 
and Vision 

To create a transparent real estate platform that unites all participants involved in the sale of commercial properties: buyers, sellers, appraisal and legal firms, accountants, and management companies. The platform will allow buyers to buy real estate in portions, that they can afford, and to also receive income from rent.

Our Mission and Vision Statement

What is 

PTPEstate is the world's first digitalized, commercial real estate marketplace. We enable owners to list their commercial properties on our Primary and Secondary blockchain markets and allow the purchasing of properties in full or in portions, the management of rent and reporting, and the converting of property title deeds to a digital format. Issued property symbols will be assigned to the title deeds. All information in regards to properties and deals will be fully transparent.

Current Problems Faced By The CRE Industry

  • 1
    Buyers, themselves, have to seek out hard-to-find opportunities
  • 2
    Unless taking part in a REIT, Buyers can’t freely buy just part of a Commercial Property
  • 3
    Buyers are tied to agents that aren't incentivized to provide them with accurate property information and history
  • 4
    Time-consuming due diligence
  • 5
    Overseas Buyers have difficulty in purchasing local CRE
  • 6
    Full property history is not available
  • 7
    Lack of real-time data for making better decisions
  • 8
    Sellers have difficulty finding buyers without a Real Estate Broker

How PTPEstate Can Help

  • 1
    Buyers can buy portions of a property or barter their property symbols with other Buyers
  • 2
    Upfront due diligence
  • 3
    Digital identities of people and properties
  • 4
    Full property history at a glance
  • 5
    Full transparency of all information concerning the property and the rental income that it provides
  • 6
    Easily sell or “swap” full or part of a property
  • 7
    Buyers control risk while enjoying lower fees
  • 8
    Use FIAT and cryptocurrencies to buy properties

Direct Commercial 
Real Estate Investment, 

Direct Commercial Real Estate Investment 2006-2018

Canadian Foreign 
Direct Investment Received, 

Canadian Foreign Direct Investment Received, 2003-2018

Asia pacific Investment 
into canada, 2003-2018  

asia pacific Investment into canada, 2003-2018


Why Will Property Owners Use PTPEstate?

PTPEstate has received prior consent from commercial property owners to sell their property through the PTPEstate platform. The total value of the properties is more than $10 million

  • Full transparency of the entire process of creating and selling properties with property symbols
  • It is cost-effective to sell properties through PTPEstate, compared to the traditional way
  • The ability to partially sell real estate. The indexing of the value of the real estate will be relative to the real estate market values
  • Less fees associated with selling a commercial property


  • 1
    Necessary partners for the creation of the platform
  • 2
    Development of PTPEstate
  • 3
    Testing of the platform, launch of PTPEstate
  • 4
    Listing of commercial properties
  • 5
    Platform opens for Buyers

Core state 
holdings, corp.

Core State Holdings, Corp. is a unique software development company based out of Ontario, Canada. Since 2014, Core State has developed and launched two digital assets: CannaSOS and PTPWallet. CannaSOS is a social network for the cannabis industry that has on average over 5,000,000 users per year, works with over 1,500 business pages, and has modules which educate users and medical patients on everything cannabis. PTPWallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that was developed all throughout 2018, and launched in February 2019. PTPWallet is the only cryptocurrency wallet on the market which provides users and businesses the ability to provide crypto cashback, create and be involved in referral and loyalty programs, send funds via email and different social networks, the ability to send and receive funds instantly and anonymously, and much more. PTPEstate will be created on the PTPWallet foundation; as the platform has already been developed and used by tens of thousands of users.

Core State 

The Core State team is experienced, knowledgeable, and has a proven track record. Since 2014, over the next five years, the Core State founders were able to build an effective, committed, and successful team. This team would go on to help create the innovative digital properties CannaSOS and PTPWallet. Although the company has experienced many challenges since the beginning, this team of persistent and devoted individuals ultimately triumphed and achieved their objectives.

  • Oleg Cheine - Founder, president
    Oleg Cheine
    Founder, president
  • Daniel Cheine - Co-founder, Director of Business Development
    Daniel Cheine
    Co-founder, Director of Business Development
  • Sergey Shnerson - co-Founder, cto
    Sergey Shnerson
    co-Founder, cto
  • Les Barber - VP of Business Development
    Les Barber
    VP of Business Development
  • Vit Ivanov - Director of Development
    Vit Ivanov
    Director of Development
  • Harry White - Director of CRE Development
    Harry White
    Director of CRE Development
  • Anton Yakovlev - Sr. Frontend Developer
    Anton Yakovlev
    Co-founder, Sr. Frontend Developer
  • Larysa Podhostnik - Investment Adviser
    Larysa Podhostnik
    Investment Adviser
  • Yurii Voropai - Web Design Manager
    Yurii Voropai
    Web Design Manager
  • Robert Kane - Business Development
    Robert Kane
    Business Development
  • Melanie Soo -Business Development
    Melanie Soo
    Business Development

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